Youthfulness…I love this word! Really who doesn’t? Such an upbeat word filled with promises and sunshine…When I hear this word I can almost hear laughter in the background… Luckily, youthfulness is more than skin deep and is not exclusive to the young, Youthfulness must come from within. People who smile a lot, have a cheerful demeanor, openness of mind and spirit, willing to embrace new challenges or able to get out of their comfort zone are usually perceived to be younger than their years. Act young, smile a lot, try new things, travel to new horizons and stay fit… magical elixir not needed… youth has no age.  XOXO


“Imperfection is a mark of modern sophistication, confidence, and youthfulness.” _Robin Givhan

"To be astonished is one of the surest way to not growing old too fast." -Colette


Helene Corneau-Cohen